REPAIR BLOG: Dryer With a Fur Coat

Location: Minesing, Ontario Brand: Samsung Type of appliance: Electric Dryer Customer’s complaint: the dryer does not heat up, clothes are cold and wetю The “cold” dryer is one of the most common complaints in the appliance repair business. You can put the clothes in, start the cycle and find your laundry in the same […]

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exhaust hose of the dryer

Bad Smell From Front Loader Washers

Bad smell from the washer is a very unpleasant feature by all means. Still, it can happen with any given model of any given brand. You smell something weird during the wash, and then your freshly washed clothes come out with an odour slightly different from the “dried lavender and […]

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Noise Level Indication for Appliances 1

One of the important factors when you choose an appliance is of course a noise level. We all want our home to sound like a quiet peaceful place and not like a metal processing factory! Noise levels are determined by decibels – a term used in acoustics as a unit of sound pressure […]

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Look on the side of the dishwasher door