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REPAIR BLOG: Dryer With a Fur Coat

Location: Minesing, Ontario Brand: Samsung Type of appliance: Electric Dryer Customer’s complaint: the dryer does not heat up, clothes are cold and wetю The “cold” dryer is one of the most common complaints in the appliance repair business. You can put the clothes in, start the cycle and find your laundry in the same […]

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exhaust hose of the dryer

FRIGIDAIRE dryer drum repair

REPAIR BLOG: Frigidaire Dryer Repair 1

Location: Barrie, Ontario Brand: Frigidaire Appliance Company Type of appliance: Washer/Dryer combo Customer’s complaint: the dryer becomes very noisy during the cycle. Diagnostics: the drum movement is not smooth enough, and when the motor is activated, there is an abnormal level of noise. The drive belt is not damaged. Repair sequence: 1) […]

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