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Washer repair by AppFix

When a washer repair is required, there is no time to wait! Here is a list of common washing machine issues that APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are dealing with every day.

Core issue: a washer doesn’t drain, water stays in the drum of the washer.

Some of the possible reasons:
– a failed drain pump;
– a washer control unit failure;
– a clogged drain hose of the washer or blocked debris filter.
Solution: check the debris filter of your washer (if your model includes one). Other issues require more profound technical skills to diagnose and repair the washing machine.

Core issue: a washer doesn’t spin, clothes stay wet after a cycle is finished;

Possible reasons for this issue:
– washer motor issues;
– a washer control board failure;
– an inappropriate amount of clothes in the washer / too much clothes / unbalanced load;
– drain system issues;
– a washer drum support system failure.
Solution: try to check the amount of items in the load and/or rebalance them in the machine. Other issues require professional help of an appliance technician to repair the washer.

Core issue: various leakages from a washer.

Possible reasons:
– improper connection of hot/cold water lines (external) to the washing machine;
– disrupted or disconnected internal hoses inside the washer;
– failed inlet valve of the washer;
– ruptured door seal (for a front loader washing machine);
Please note: sometimes the water leakage in the washer area IS NOT RELATED TO THE WASHING MACHINE. Plumbing problems, dehumidifiers, dripping condensation are often confused and misdiagnosed as a washer issue because they happened near the washer.
Solution: check the door seal, inspect the water line connections. Call repairman for further investigation and repairs.

Core issue: washer does not fill water or filling water takes too long.

Possible reasons:
– water lines to the washing machine are shut;
– washing machine’s inlet water valve stuck or clogged;
– washer control unit malfunction;
– a plumbing problem;
Solution: Check water shut off first. If external valves are open, then most probably the problem needs a specialist.

Core issue: there are abnormal noises and vibrations coming from the washer.

Possible reasons:
– the washer is not levelled / installed properly;
– there are obstacles between the washer’s drum and the tub;
– the drum motor or the drain pump motor are overloaded/worn;
– the drum bearing and/or drum support system is broken.
Solution: check levelling of the machine first. If it is a front loader, open the door and spin the drum manually in order to detect abnormal movement/noise. Further diagnostics and repair require an appliance repair specialist.

APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are happy to help you with a repair of your front load or top load washing machine! We service all the makes and models of washers, including major brands such as Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool, GE, Maytag, Amana, BOSCH, Inglis  and others.

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