Stove / Range / Oven Repair

stove repair

Stove repairs by APPFIX Team

Stove and oven repairs often demand help of a professional appliance technician. Here is a list of the most common issues that our APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are dealing with every day:

Core issue: the stove does not start / the stove doesn’t turn on.

Possible reasons for this issue:
– the power supply is off;
– the control board or stove timer malfunction
– the safety elements inside the stove (if they exist) are “tripped”;
– the electrical wiring has been burnt / disconnected / became loose.
Check the breakers / fuses of the house. Check the voltage to the stove (proper skills and safety precautions are required!) – the voltage should be 220-240V. For further diagnostics anr/or repair it is better to call the professional appliance technician.

Core issue: the oven overheats or, on the opposite, the stove can’t reach desired temperature and remains too cold for cooking.

Some of the possible reasons:
– the temperature sensor of the oven doesn’t work properly;
– the oven heat element is damaged or malfunctioning;
– the control unit or stove timer malfunction;
– the oven insulation or door problem;
Most probably a part replacement will be necessary for this oven, which requires performing the continuity, resistance and other tests in order to determine the problematic item. If you do not possess the required skills and safety knowledge, do not waste your time – just call the appliance technician.
If you do have the skills, give it a try – just remember to shut the power off before the diagnostics and follow safety rules before starting the repair.

Core issue: the oven door is locked and doesn’t open. It often happens after using of “SELF CLEAN” feature.

Possible reasons for this issue:
– the locking mechanism of the oven door is stuck mechanically;
– the malfunction of the electric motor of the locking mechanism;
– the oven control unit malfunction.
Solution: shut off the power to the unit for ten minutes. If the control unit resets after turning the unit on – the stove might unlock itself automatically.
Further investigation and/or repair require professional help from an appliance technician.

Core issue: there are cracks or broken glass parts of the door or the cook tops.

Some of the common reasons:
– a physical impact;
– a critical temperature response (severe overheating or temperature contrast).
Solution: replace the damaged part (please note that the safety is crucial!). Contact the appliance repair company for delivery and installation.

Core issue: the oven door does not close properly or the oven door does not stay closed.

Possible reasons:
– the door hinges are broken and/or deformed;
– the malfunction of the spring mechanism of the door;
– the deformation of the frame.
Solution: The oven hinges / springs need to be replaced. This replacement requires professional skills and following safety standards, so better call the appliance technician for professional help.

APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are happy to help you with a repair of your oven, stove or range! We service all major makes and models, including major brands such as Samsung, MAYTAG, KITHEN AID, Frigidaire, Jenn Air, Whirlpool and others.

Looking for a local oven / stove / range repair service? Our professional appliance technicians service Toronto, GTA area, and all the way north to Barrie, including Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, New Tecumseth and Innisfil. Call us today at 1-888-418-8630 FREE to book an appointment!