Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator repair

Refrigerator repair

APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are dealing with numerous refrigerator repairs in Toronto, GTA and Simcoe area every day. Here are some of the common fridge issues.

Core issue: Ice and snow build up inside of the freezer.

Possible reason: warm air from outside the refrigerator gets into the freezer.
– Check the rubber door gasket, replace it if necessary (here you might need the professional’s help);
– Check the door alignment.

Possible reason: defrost system malfunction;
Solution: the refrigerator defrost system contains number of electric/electronic components. Professional service is strongly recommended in this case.

Core issue: There is water in fridge (dripping inside, leaking from the freezer or under the crisper).

Possible reason: the refrigerator drainage system is not working properly / the fridge drain tube is clogged or blocked.
Before the repair do the following steps:
– unplug the refrigerator;
– remove the products from the refrigerator;
– disassemble evaporator cover and back cover plate of the fridge;
– check the drain tray and drain tube;

Solution: Try to clear the drain opening with a thin bottle brush and rinse the drain tube with a warm (not hot!) water by squeezing water into the tube. Repeat until the out coming water in the tray is clean. Wipe the drained water with a paper towel. Do not use any cleaning detergents, including dish-washing liquid as it may cause deformation inside the refrigerator.
Although cleaning the drainage system is not a complicated procedure, it is better to call an appliance technician to do it properly. It will save your time and prevent any possible damage that may appear during this repair.

Core issue: The refrigerator does not cool, the compressor does not engage, lights and fans work fine.

Possible reasons:
– Failure of electric components supplying power to compressor (start relay/capacitor issues);
– Failure of compressor unit or loss of cooling agent (freon) in the system;
– Failure of control units (main board/temperature control issues);
Solution: in that case proper diagnostic is crucial. A mistake could multiply the costs of the repair or even end up in a total appliance replacement. If you do not possess right skills and background, call for a specialist.

Core issue : refrigerator over freezes/ under cooling its compartments, compressor works.

Possible reasons:
– improper cooling substance circulation or leaks inside the fridge;
– faulty air circulation in the fridge;
– temperature control malfunction;
Solution: same as in previous chapter, here you need a qualified professional appliance technician.

Core issue : Excessive general noise, tumbling sounds or vibrations of working refrigerator.

Possible reason: Improper positioning of the appliance;
Solution: Try levelling of the fridge, using adjustable legs on the bottom. The refrigerator should be slightly reclined back. The best way to check fridge positioning – the door should close by itself when you open it at 45 degrees and let it go.

Possible reason: Compressor support wedges, which are used for safe transportation (not in all fridges) were not removed.
Solution: remove them.

Core Issue: No light in the fridge.

Possible reason: no electricity supply to the refrigerator.
Solution: Check the electric socket by plugging in another small appliance or electrical device.

Possible reason: no contact between the electric plug pin and electric socket.
Solution: fix the problem with the plug or the socket – you will probably need an electrician to help you.

Possible reason: the light bulb went out.
Solution: replace the burnt out bulb with a new one. You can do it yourself or ask the appliance technician’s help to supply and install the refrigerator bulb which fits your appliance.

Possible reason: the light switch is broken or faulty;
Solution: repair or replacement of the switch.

APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are happy to help you with a repair of your refrigerator! We service all the makes and models of refrigerators, including major brands such as Frigidaire, Kitchen Aid, Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool, GE, Maytag, Sub-Zero and others.

Looking for a local fridge repair service? Our professional appliance technicians service Toronto, GTA area, and all the way north to Barrie, including Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, New Tecumseth and Innisfil. Call us today at 1-888-418-8630 to book an appointment!