Dryer Repair


Very often, home appliances repair includes fixing a broken dryer. APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians deal with various dryer issues on a daily basis, accumulating experience and professional skills. Here is a list of common issues with a dryer.

Core issue: the dryer isn’t heating.

Possible reasons for this malfunction:
– the dryer control unit is defective;
– one of the safety components (a thermal cut-off, a thermal fuse, or other) is tripped;
– the heat element of the dryer is damaged.
Solution: try to turn the dryer off for at least 5 minutes. If the appliance does not recover after turning on, consider calling the specialist.

Core issue: dryer heats up, but clothes stay wet after a cycle.

Dryer repair

Check for dust and lint in the dryer filter

Possible problems:
– the dryer is overloaded (too many items / items are “hard to dry”, made of tough or multilayer fabric);
– the dryer duct is clogged / kinked / smashed;
– the dryer blower system is malfunctioning.
Solution: inspect the load of clothes, make sure that it not too heavy. Check the exhaust tube. Further diagnostics and repair require higher skill level and dryer safety understanding – call an appliance technician.

Core issue: the drum of the dryer isn’t spinning.

Possible problems:
– dryer control unit issues;
– the electrical or mechanical motor malfunction;
– the dryer drive belt is damaged.
Solution: try to reset the control unit by turning dryer off for 5 minutes. You can try to carefully remove the top cover of the dryer and check the drive belt for damage. The rest of the diagnostics and repair require profound disassembly and a higher skill level.

Core issue: there are abnormal noises coming from the working dryer.

Possible issues:
– the drum is damaged;
– the drum supports are worn;
– the rollers or the motor pulley can not move properly;
– the drive motor issue.
Solution: do the visual check of the drum. Try to rotate the drum manually and see if it produces the abnormal sound. Consider to call for a professional help for further diagnostics and repair.

APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are happy to help you with a repair of your broken dryer! We service all the makes and models of dryers, including major brands such as Samsung, Kenmore, Whirlpool, GE, Maytag, Amana, BOSCH, Inglis and others.

Looking for a local dryer repair service? Our professional appliance technicians service Toronto, GTA area, and all the way north to Barrie, including Aurora, Newmarket, Bradford, New Tecumseth and Innisfil. Call us today at 1-888-418-8630 to book an appointment!