Dishwasher repair

Dishwasher repair by APPFIX

Dishwasher repair can be dangerous!

Issues with a dishwasher can be quite unexpected – either the dishwasher won’t drain water, or the plates stay dirty after a couple of hours, or the dishwasher’s detergent tablet won’t dissolve… Here is a list of the most common dishwasher problems and their possible solutions, from the experience of APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians.

Core issue: dishwasher does not drain.

Possible reasons:
– dishwasher drain pump malfunction;
– control unit of the dishwasher failed;
– drain hoses obstruction;
– plumbing line problem.
Look into the tub, check the debris filter and the area under the filter in order (if accessible) to locate any obstacles (hard food pieces, fish bones, broken glasses etc). If the tub is clean, it is better to call the appliance repair specialist for further diagnostics and repair.

Core issue: control panel of the dishwasher does not respond.

Possible reasons:
– dishwasher control board failure;
– buttons or dishwasher touch pad malfunction;
– no power to the unit of the dishwasher.
Solution: Check power to the unit. Try to reset the unit (turn it off for 5 minutes or use the reset sequence from the manual).The rest of the diagnostics and repair require more advanced skills and safety knowledge such as of professional appliance technician.

Core issue: the dishwasher is leaking during the cycle or the dishwasher has permanent, repetitive leaks.

Possible reasons:
– the dishwasher’s water supply line is damaged and/or not connected properly;
– dishwasher water inlet valve is broken;
– one of the rubber seals of the tub or dishwasher pump is damaged;
– drain hoses perforation occurred;
– the wrong type of a detergent was used. Dishwashers which require HE (High e
Efficiency) washing substance will produce too much foam with the regular detergent and it will overflow the tub, causing leakage.
Solution: inspect the water line, the drain hose and the valve (if accessible). Check the type of detergent and make sure it fits the dishwasher standards. Consider calling appliance repair specialists for further diagnostics and repair.

Core issue: dishwasher does not fill water from the water line into the tub.

Possible resoans:
– water has been shut off;
– water line kinked or collapsed;
– dishwasher electric water inlet valve is stuck or does not get the power.
Solution: first check the water shut off valve of the dishwasher. Inspect the water line (if accessible). Call the appliance technician if you need more help.

APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are happy to help you with a repair of your dishwasher! We service all major makes and models, including major brands such as Samsung, MAYTAG, KITCHEN AID, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, SIEMENS and others.

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