REPAIR BLOG: Dryer With a Fur Coat

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Location: Minesing, Ontario
Brand: Samsung
Type of appliance: Electric Dryer
Customer’s complaint: the dryer does not heat up, clothes are cold and wetю

The “cold” dryer is one of the most common complaints in the appliance repair business. You can put the clothes in, start the cycle and find your laundry in the same condition after the dryer is done working. The confusing part is that the dryer starts the work as usual – the control board responds to the start button, the drum spins, the timer runs. The surprise is waiting for you when you open the dryer door at the end. Even more surprises are related to the “sensor dry” cycles, where a special sensor extends the drying time automatically if it feels that the clothes are not dry enough. You can put your dryer on, go to work and come back to see that the dryer, out of pure solidarity, decided to work your 9 hour shift and is still running, probably hoping for an overtime compensation!

What could cause the absence of heating up?

lint on the heating element

Heat element housing covered with lint

There could be a number of factors, with the majority of them described at the “Dryer repair” section of our website. In this blog entry we would like to tell you a specific appliance repair story.

After the technician disassembled this Samsung electric dryer, he discovered a thick layer of lint covering the bottom of the appliance. Here is the heat element housing, which looks like it is well prepared for the cold Canadian winter with that “fur coat”!

heat coil surrounded by burnt lint

Burnt lint around the heat coil

After removing the top, the heat coil has been found floating in the pool of burnt lint, and as a result of uneven heating of the metal, the thin spiral coil “snaps” and cannot conduct electricity anymore.

After cleaning the lint and replacing the heat element assembly, there is one question left: what causes such a big lint accumulation inside the dryer? The technician had to find the initial cause of the problem, because without a proper solution of this issue the lint will come back and become a potential threat for the dryer functioning, or in the worst case – a fire hazard for the whole house! At this point we need to check the dryer exhaust system.

exhaust hose of the dryer

Exhaust hose of the dryer

Check the exhaust hose. It could be too long, too convoluted or simply kinked.
Check the exhaust outlet outside the house (if that’s possible). It could be partially or fully blocked by lint or an external object (for example, a bush that grew too close).

exhaust outlet of the dryer

Check the exaust outlet

Other factor is the exhaust duct passing through the building structure. Even if your hose is short and straight, but your duct is too long or has lack of maintenance, the dryer will not be able to blow the lint through and it will start accumulating inside the machine.

It is hard to inspect or clean the duct without proper equipment, so delegate that issue to duct cleaning professionals.

Last thing to consider is a periodical maintenance performed by an appiance repair technician. Once in 1-2 years he will open your appliance and perform preventive works which are easier and cheaper than a repair service call.

APPFIX Appliance Repair technicians are happy to help you with a repair of your dishwasher! We service all major makes and models, including major brands such as Samsung, MAYTAG, KITCHEN AID, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, SIEMENS and others.

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This original article is written by one of the APPFIX Inc. appliance technicians based on his professional experience, and this is an intellectual property of this website. No part of this article can be reproduced in a digital or a printed form without a written permission of APPFIX Inc.

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