Story of a BOSCH Dishwasher Which Wouldn’t Dry Dishes

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dishwasher repair issues Some time ago I have been called to service a BOSCH dishwasher in Barrie, ON. The complaint was that “The dishes and glasses stay wet after a cycle”. Owners of the poor thing were very disappointed and kept comparing it to the previous dishwasher, made by General Electric , an appliance which dried glasses and plates with much more efficiency. The “repair” of the dishwasher was easy. It took just 20 minutes of conversation without really touching the appliance.
From the technician’s perspective, I think that when you are able to solve certain issue 4 out of 5 times mostly by asking some questions and giving some tips, it is time to write an article.

So let me clarify a couple of things and maybe save you money paid for unnecessary service calls.

First, I would like to explain the major difference between European and North American dishwasher manufacturing. There is heating element inside of a dishwasher, which looks like an element in your stove. In North American models this element might sit above the tub floor level and be exposed to water (despite that in

heating element in the American type dishwasher

Heating element on the bottom of the dishwasher tub

last couple of years non-concealed elements start to disappear) . By European safety standards, the heat element should be either concealed or absent.

That is how the BOSCH dishwasher is built – there is no heat element, which will turn on and dry your dishes at the end of the cycle. So how are the dishes supposed to dry?

Here are some crucial basic principles to be aware of:
1) Hot water
The water line which comes to the dishwasher is connected to the household hot water line. But the important question is – how hot is the water, which is supplied to the tub during the cycle? If you turn the dishwasher on as soon as you get to the kitchen, on a cool winter morning, most of the water which will flow through the house plumbing system will be warm-ish or cool.
So the first thing you can do if the dishes remain wet after a cycle is to check the water temperature at the tub somewhere in the middle of the cycle. If the water is not hot – try to run the closest tap for minute – this will draw the hot water closer before the dishwasher starts.

Dishwasher soap and rinse aid dispensers

Soap and rinse aid dispensers

2) Rinse aid
Rinse aid is a liquid which has an important function: it breaks the surface tension of the water, making the water “more fluid”. As a result, the water “rolls off” your glasses and dishes faster and they become dry and not spotted.
Use a rinse aid!

3) Sanitize Dry option
“Sanitize” option activates a system (no, it is not the element!) which gives extra heat to the water at the end of the cycle. Of course, if water is cold, it will not have a great impact, but if the water is hot, it almost starts to boil.
If the water temperature is not an issue, you are using the rinse aid, but the dishes still stay wet after a cycle – using “Sanitize” is your next step to dry dishes.

4) Steam
If you tried all of the above steps, but the dishes are still wet – this can be caused by an excessive steam amount in the tub by the end of the cycle.
Here is our last tip – after the dishwasher has finished the cycle, you should try to slightly open the door and leave it like that for 10-15 minutes. You can move the upper rack couple of inches forward to prevent the dishwasher door springs to close it back. The gap between the door and the frame should be minimal.

Only after you have tried all the above mentioned steps without success, it might be something that requires professional appliance service.

Enjoy your dry dishes!!!

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