Top 4 Troublemakers of the Washer Drain System

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When your washer does not drain the water after the cycle, it can be related to a number of issues. The control unit\ timer might fail, the drain pump might misbehave, the water level measure switch might misinterpret the water level etc.

During one of the staff meetings, our APPFIX technicians had one very entertaining conversation (yes, even discussing the drain system of the washer can be entertaining). The main subject was the stuff which infiltrates into the draining hoses and pumps while washing and finds there a second home – not only sitting there comfortably, but also completely shutting down water evacuation to the sewer.

So here are some unofficial “sabotage items” rankings based on our technicians’ experience and – of course, some useful tips at the end!

#4 Socks

socks washer drain system troublemakers

Socks in various sizes, shapes and colours…

These guys love freedom, and when they get into the “prison cell” of the washer drum, they are on a mission to flee away! Their infiltration ability is less impressive compared to items in higher rankings, but still might be quite surprising – especially in top load washers.

  #3 Bra wires

bra wire clogging washer drain systemThis is a very strong contender! It is sitting concealed inside the women’s lingerie and waiting patiently for its time to come out and act!

The bra wire has a wide range of creative solutions on how to clog your washer without you getting a clue what is going on. Strange clanking from the drum, when it is spinning? Catching wool threads and knitting a nice wet ball which completely clogs hose at the base of the tub? Going down lower and piercing the pipe? Any time!

#2 Coins

coin washer drain system troublemaker We all know that money is a source of many troubles. No exceptions in the clothes washing. The only difference is that here bank notes are less harmful than metal coins – especially the quarters!

Twenty-five cent coin has just the right size to get through the tub and pipes to the drain pump and to perform a rodeo with the impeller! The world record in catching and immobilizing the poor spinning prey is less than a second.

#1 Bobby pins

Bobby pinWhat does it take to become a champion? Strength? Durability? Flexibility? Determination?
Bobby pin has got it all. Meet the “George Sent Pierre” of the washing machines’ drain system failures!
There is no debris filter to stop it and no pump to resist… 50% of obstruction problems are related to this slim but dangerous guy – a bobby pin!


Okay, so the funny part is over. Now, some serious and useful tips for washer users!

How To Neutralize Drain System Troublemakers

Washer drain system troublemakers

Washer drain system troublemakers

1) Check ALL the pockets before you put clothes in the washer. Double checks wouldn’t harm either.

2) Small dressing items (socks and alike) can be washed in the “net bags”, available in every dollar store.

3) If your washer got the debris filter, inspect and clean it every 3-4 months.

4) If the washer has not been used for long time, do the first wash without clothes but with a cleaning detergent (like Affresh, Oxiclean, Tide etc) to clean the possible mould build ups out of the hoses of the washer.


This original article is written by one of the APPFIX Inc. appliance technicians based on his professional experience, and this is an intellectual property of this website. No part of this article can be reproduced in a digital or a printed form without a written permission of APPFIX Inc.

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