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One of the important factors when you choose an appliance is of course a noise level. We all want our home to sound like a quiet peaceful place and not like a metal processing factory!

Noise levels are determined by decibels – a term used in acoustics as a unit of sound pressure level. For better understanding, the noise level of a regular human conversation equals to 60-65 decibel (dB).  Increasing just one decibel makes sound about 25% louder, which means the noise will double itself with every 3-4 dB.

A couple of interesting examples:
– a weak whisper at the library gets score of 20dB;
– a subway train enters the station at 90-95dB;
– a loud noise at the music concert can legally peak up to 115dB, because beyond that level our hearing may be damaged.

Now back to the appliances.  All brands promise you a noiseless performance, and every salesperson will tell you the same. How do you know what to expect from your fridge or a dishwasher after they enter your house?

To make this article more useful, let us give you some tips for dishwashers specifically:
1) Read customer reviews on the product. Disturbing noise levels are always mentioned.
2) Pay attention to the materials that the dishwasher is made of: a stainless steel tub is quieter than a tub made of plastic. There is also a sound absorbing material layer, which covers the dishwasher body to make it sound better – I mean, to make no sound.
3) The proper installation of the dishwasher into the kitchen cabinet is really important.
4) Attention – my “cream of the crop” tip! There are no “quiet brands”, but there are quiet models.

The BOSCH dishwashers are the great example because the model number of the Bosch dishwasher includes a noise level score.

Find a sticker with the model number on the dishwasher door.

Look on the side of the dishwasher door

Now pay attention to the digits. The digit after the first 3 letters of model number is the noise level mark! It can be from 2 to 9, where 2 is the loudest and 9 is the quietest. Here is what it says in decibels:

Noise level for BOSCH dishwashers

Noise chart for BOSCH dishwashers

The Loudest Bosch model (with the noise level of 2) is still not too loud, but it is already 3-4 times louder than the quietest model from the same brand!


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