Useful Tips for the Fridge First Time Use

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When you buy a new refrigerator, you expect it to work properly for a number of years. Choosing a  right make and model is not all, you also need to know how to install and turn the refrigerator on for the first time.

It is recommended to turn the fridge on for the first time a few hours after the appliance’s transportation. This is crucial for the even distribution of the cooling agent inside the system that will ensure an efficient functioning of the hardware.

Before the first time use

Correct position is very important for the fridge

After the fridge arrives, remove all the transportation accessories and wipe the appliance with a cloth and a mild cleaning solution. The best place for a fridge should be away from the heating system, furnace, fireplace and other heat sources. It is also important to avoid placing a refrigerator close to the washer or a sink, to prevent it from water.

Air circulation is another important thing to remember when you are looking for a best place for your fridge. Make sure that there is a space between the refrigerator and the surrounding walls no less than 12 inches (30 cm). The refrigerator shouldn’t be placed in a room with a high humidity level and/or without a proper air circulation.

The refrigerator should be placed on an even surface, so use a building level to check that the fridge is not tilted. Don’t use an extension cord  or an adapter to plug the refrigerator into an electric socket – this may lead to a short circuit and power outage. Use a dedicated electric socket or install a new electric socket near the place that is planned for the refrigerator.

Most of the fridges have rollers which allow to move them safely on the floor.  After proper positioning you can look at the area near each front roller and most probably you will see a levelling leg. Levelling legs help to maintain proper level, but also function as permanent brakes,  when extended.

After you found a good spot for a fridge, it is time for the first use. Turn the refrigerator on, but don’t hurry to load it with food. Choose a proper temperature level and give the appliance some time to make sure that the temperature inside the fridge reaches the necessary level. After that, you are ready to load the products into the fridge and enjoy your new house appliance!


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